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Mess Dinner 2017

Every December Steve and Sheila put on a superb Mess Dinner for all the volunteers and their partners. It takes place in the Nissan hut which is built on the exact location of part of the original Officers' Mess. The brick fireplace that you can see was the only original part of the building left standing.

Sheila spends days preparing and cooking all the food. It's always guaranteed to be absolutely sumptuous.

It's a wonderful evening, a chance to catch up with friends and relax.

The guest of honour this year was Wing Commander Alex Mason Station Commander R.A.F. St Mawgan.

Wing Commander Alex Mason can be seen sitting with Steve and Sheila at the top table.

Thanks to Les for the photos.

Spitfire Buttons

Yesterday I met up with a friend of mine who, after a visit to the museum in the summer, looks out for things to donate to us.

Along with some buttons from her late father's Royal Navy uniform, Lis gave me 5 little Spitfire buttons. The buttons are actually made from the perspex of a Spitfire canopy. A very unusual donation which is much appreciated.


Welcome to the first blog of The Cornwall At War Museum.

The museum is on part of the site of the R.A.F Davidstow Moor air station. There are 19 buildings which cover the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines and Royal Naval Air Stations from WWI to the Falklands Conflict. 

The museum is wheel chair friendly and dog friendly - one of the few museums where dogs are allowed in all the buildings. The museum is so different to other museums, it's owned by Steve and Sheila Perry and staffed totally by volunteers. Sheila was awarded the British Empire Medal in the last new years honours for services to Second World War Heritage. 99% of visitors comment on how the place is run with a passion and love.

Many of the exhibits have been donated with a mix of military and domestic items. Displays range from a grocer's shop in WWII to the hangar filled with military vehicles and planes. 

Unlike some military museums, Cornwall At War appeals to the ladies as well as the men and children. If Steve is ar…