V1 Doodlebug

As soon as you enter the driveway of the museum you'll see our replica V1 Doodlebug straight ahead.

Although it is a replica it is built exactly to size and is correct down to the precise number of rivets.

Many visitors have told us that just the sight of it brings back memories of hearing them whistle as they went over during the war. Whilst you could hear it whistle you were safe, the danger came when they went silent and dropped out of the sky.

R.A.F 100 Birthday Cake

Val Flower from St Mawgan village made this beautiful birthday cake for the R.A.F centenary celebration we had last Sunday afternoon.

What a talented lady she is.

Behind the scenes

A few shots of behind the scenes as preparations were made for the big day.

The clock tower and weather vane

Here is a close up of the clock tower and weather vane which really deserves it's own post on the blog.

It is stunningly beautiful and will be a permanent reminder of all the men and woman who have served in the three versions of the service. They were, and still are, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom that we enjoy.

R.A.F Centenary Celebration

We couldn't believe the beautiful weather we had for the celebration on Sunday, those positive thoughts must have worked.

The ceremony took place at 2pm and was started by a short speech from both Air Commodore John Bessel and Steve. 

The beautiful slate plaques were unveiled by the Air Commodore and a brass plaque commemorating the event was unveiled by Wing Commander Alex Mason Station Commander R.A.F St Mawgan.

The tributes are placed on the old squash court, the three plaques on the apex and a wonderful clock tower on the roof which has an R.A.F clock and the most superb copper bi-plane as a weather vane.

The plaques commemorate the Royal Naval Air Service, the Royal Flying Corps and the R.A.F, thus recording the history of  military aviation in the United Kingdom. The plaques are made out of slate and are embellished in gold. 

In the afternoon sunshine it looked spectacular.

Steve and Sheila planned all of this and made sure it was an anniversary to remember. They should be very pr…

Weather Tomorrow

You must have all been sending positive thoughts for the weather as in the forecast there isn't a single drop of rain expected at Davidstow tomorrow.

It may be a little overcast, but hopefully the sun will come out from time to time. The main thing is it will be dry for this special day.

We're hoping for a good turn out tomorrow so please, if you can, come and meet everyone and have a good look around all the buildings.

R.A.F Centenary Event

A reminder about the celebration for the R.A.F Centenary event.

Everyone at the museum is working very hard to get everything ready for Sunday.

The weather has been against us getting the exteriors of some buildings painted so they may not look as pristine as we'd like. However, today the sun is out and it will be a hive of industry at the museum. 

The unveiling of our tributes will be at 2 pm sharp. It would be wise to arrive from 1pm onwards if you want to watch the ceremony. Remember that a shuttle bus will be running from the car parking facility on the airfield to the museum and back at no extra charge. This leaves museum parking spaces for people who have difficulty walking.

Personnel from R.A.F St Mawgan and Air Cadets will be marching, a lovely sight in itself, with the Station Commander R.A.F St Mawgan, Alex Mason, and retired Air Commodore John Bessel doing the unveiling.

There will be refreshments available to buy: A mini Cornish Pasty, a mini scone with jam and cream and a …